New Houses for Sale in Abilene, TX

New Houses for Sale in Abilene, TX

Find Homes for Sale That Meet Your Needs

You need options for purchasing a new home. Elegancia Homes offers homes for sale across Abilene, TX. We have single-story homes with four- and five-bedrooms available in the Sawgrass subdivision.

If you're looking for five bedrooms, an acre of land and either one or two stories, Mockingbird Hill subdivision has options for you.

Wylie Legacies has a variety of different homes on one-third acre lots. There's also an option to add swimming pools to these properties.

To learn more about our new houses for sale, call Elegancia Homes at 325-260-1385 today.

3 easy steps to narrow your search of homes for sale

Don't get overwhelmed by your search for a beautiful new home. There are three easy things to consider before you start your hunt:

  1. Decide if you prefer single-story or two-story homes.
  2. Figure out if you need a two- or three-car garage.
  3. Choose your lot preference from half an acre to two acres.
You can also decide between sleek, modern fixtures or a rustic or country look with character. Turn to Elegancia Homes to help you find the perfect home. Call 325-260-1385 today to learn more about our new houses for sale in Abilene, TX.

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